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Making Harrison County the Best Community in Southern Indiana to Live, Work, Play and Visit.

Established in 1933, the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County is a 501 (C) 6, not-for-profit organization, which exists to support its members and the business environment by fostering economic and community development initiatives to improve the quality of life in Harrison County.  The COVID-19 small business recovery loan, broadband readiness and infrastructure deployment planning, Bi-Centennial Park development collaboration, networking events and small business recognition are a few initiatives the Chamber has engaged in to make our community a great place to live, work, play and visit.

Growing your business and Harrison County together is our value proposition and we take it seriously.  By providing a strong voice to represent our businesses; sharing market and community information to guide our businesses’ strategic growth; and providing resources for your employees’ growth and business training, the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County is creating the connections that your business needs to succeed. 

The volunteer Board of Directors is made up from the membership and one appointment each from the Town of Corydon, Harrison County Commissioners, Harrison County Council, school corporation representative and the Harrison County Economic Development Corporation, and oversees the operations of the Chamber. Through a strategic planning process the leadership develops a mission, vision and strategic initiatives to guide the Chamber’s activities and programs. Working with the board of directors, the staff drives the actions of the Chamber and carries out the framework created by the membership and leadership.

Meet Dr. Uric Dufrene

Indiana University Southeast

Uric Dufrene holds the Sanders Chair in Business at IU Southeast. As the Sanders Chair in Business, he gives the annual outlook for Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville at the annual Economic Outlook Breakfast and Mid- Year Outlook programs. Professor Dufrene also speaks to various community groups and organizations across Southern Indiana

He obtained his BS and MBA from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana and his Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi. Professor Dufrene began his career as an Assistant Professor of Finance in the School of Business and then served as Dean of the School of Business for 7 years. He recently completed a 7-year term as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He teaches corporate finance in the School of Business at IU Southeast.

Not a day goes by that you won’t hear or read about the possibility of the economy entering a recession. Indeed, several indicators do continue to point in the direction of a recession. While the economy does face significant risks, slower growth is likely, but not to the extent that it will trigger an officially dated recession...

Education, Technology and Economic Growth of Harrison County

Drive community visioning and develop a county-wide infrastructure development plan and marketing campaign.

Membership Services

Deliver membership services that provide community connections that grow our members' business and the community.

Advocacy, Education and Workforce Development

The Chamber will advocate for the greater allocation of financial resources that secure the business and industrial growth of Harrison County.

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Values of a Chamber Membership

Join us in connecting with our community. Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County  helps you connect with the community while growing your business. We offer you a stronger voice to represent your business, marketing and community information to help guide your strategic growth, and resources for employee growth and business training.

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